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A2Z Balloons & Party Supplies
A2Z Balloons & Party Supplies - Huge selection of wholesale balloons with the best brand-name latex balloons , and balloon accessories from the best manufacturers and dealers. Balloon Accessories • Bingo & Casino • Latex Balloons • Party Supplies • Plush Toys • Classes & Educational Material • Foil Balloons • Heliums and more! Visit our website at www.a2zballoons.com or call 800-527-5554
A2Z Balloons & Party Supplies - Call: 800-527-5554
EVENT SALES - BUILDING YOUR SALES WITH BRAND NAME MERCHANDISE. TRUCKLOAD QUANTITIES. HIGH-VOLUME PRODUCTS AT A FRACTION OF THE COST! When you deal with EVENT SALES you're dealing DIRECT. We hold the contracts for the returned and surplus merchandise of well known manufactures and retailers--NATIONALLY KNOWN discount store chains, Upper Midwest Discount Store Chain, Internet Retailers, West Coast Mid Range Department Store Chain, West Coast Sporting Good chain, Manufacturer of Greeting Cards, Crayons, and related merchandise. If you're interested in customer returned surplus or closeout merchandise call us today! Contact information: Online: www.eventsale.com email: eventsale@eventsale.com Phone: (612) 781-1502.
EVENT SALES - Call: 612-781-1502
Glimmers Inc.
GLIMMERS, INC. - Stylish, one of a kind light up designs that are nowhere but at Glimmers! Shining decorations that are perfect and popular for any party or occasion. We pride ourselves on uniqueness and terrific service. Call - 650-578-8276
Glimmers Inc.  - Call: 650-578-8276
GLITZZIE, INC. - An online supplier for school and retailers of products including classroom decorations, incentives, stickers, school supplies, gift bags, party supplies, and seasonal products. www.glitzzie.com
GLITZZIE.COM - Call: 201-288-6407
International Dipak, LLC
INTERNATIONAL DIPAK, LLC - High Quality at a Great Price! Gift Bags - Wrapping Paper - Gift Boxes - And More! Our Brands...Our Pride Since 1966. Call - 323-749-6464
International Dipak, LLC - Call: 323-749-6464
REGENT PRODUCTS - Over 3,000 items in over 20 different product categories, including Halloween & Christmas. Automotive - Baby Products -Back To School - Bakeware - Barbeque & Picnic - Books - Candles Holders & Potpourri - Christmas - Cleaning Products - Clearance Items - Closeouts - Crafts & Scrapbooking - Dinnerware Glassware Cookware - Displays - Easter 2018 - Flatware & Cutlery - Food Candy & Snacks - Giftware - Graduation - Halloween - Handbags & Luggage - Hardware - Health & Beauty - Housewares - Kitchenware - Lawn & Garden - Libbey Glass Ware - Licensed Products - New Years Eve - Paper & Party Goods - Patriotic 2018 - Pet Supplies - Picture Frames & Photo Albums, Seasonal, Toys, Tools and Hardware. Order online or call to request a catalog. Call - 708-583-1000
REGENT PRODUCTS CORP - Call: 708-583-1000
STOCKWELL GREETINGS - What can you buy for 15¢ ...and sell for $2.75? American Made Greeting Cards! Take a look at stockwellgreetings.com
stockwellgreetings.com - Call: 877-906-2211
The Bargain Outlet Wholesale
THE BARGAIN OUTLET WHOLESALE - SELLING QUALITY CLOSEOUTS BELOW LOW COST! Collectables, Gifts, Figurines, Novelties, Toys (Battery Operated, trucks & cars, noisemakers, balls, small toys, duck pond & grab bag toys, & more). Jewelry, Jokes, Gag Gifts, Hats, Party Supplies, Party Favors, Balloons & Ribbon, Collectable Dolls, Silk Flowers & Wedding Accessories, Seasonal Gifts & Decorations, Impulse & Flea Market Items, New Years Supplies/Kits. HOT ITEMS: • LIGHT UP & GLOW IN THE DARK CLOSEOUTS: SUNGLASSES • GIFTS • KNIVES. We cater to small businesses, teachers, churches, schools, fundraisers, and flea marketers. Our on going goal since 1983 is "LARGE SELECTION AT A LOW PRICES!" Email: bargainoutlet@frontier.com, Call 217-826-6230 and visit our website at www.wholesalecentral.com/thebar0001
The Bargain Outlet Wholesale - Call: 217-826-6230
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